Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Android Apps and iPhone Apps Project Noah science app

The average smartphone possesses a hundred thousand times the processing power of the supercomputer used by NASA to-send a man to the-moon back in the Sixties. Every single person in the western world carries around this computing power in their pocket.
So why not place that control to good use, and start solving planet Earth’s biggest problems? Project Noah is one of the best android apps

Citizen science is a movement which does just that. With a smartphone, everyone can be a scientist; you don’t need knowledge, just passion. It’s easy to forget that when you’re checking in via Foursquare or posting a status to Facebook, your mobile phone is essentially acting as a wireless sensor, recording and transmitting time, location and an array of other data. And this data-can be-used to make the work of ecologists and anthropologists a lot easier.

More and besti Phone apps and android apps are being developed to turn everyday smartphone users into on-the-ground scouts, gathering information that will help reduce pollution, battle global warming and even save species from extinction.

Project Noah is a prime example of one of these brilliant crowd-sourced science apps, in that it makes every user an active participant in the on-going mission to document and protect our endangered wildlife. The application has been designed for use all over the world, and has a database that includes every creature from the common seagull to the African elephant.

Project Noah has partnered with biodiversity organisations and wildlife foundations to promote awareness of endangered species and encourage active involvement in keeping indigenous habitats free from outside influence. Equally importantly, Project Noah appeals to younger users, and can be used seeing that a tool to foster
conversations about conservation and ecology between teachers and students.

So next-time you have a standby five minutes to kill while waiting for your bus, in its place of playing Angry Birds - Candy Crush, why not be a hero and check out the pigeon situation across the road? This app is one of best free android apps  

Project Noah is a prime
example of one of these
brilliant crowd-sourced
science apps

Mini Requirements: Android- 2.2, iOS- 4.0