Monday, 15 September 2014

Android Apps and iPhone Apps - Parental control app Dinner Time

Mini Requirements: Android 4.0, iOS 7.0
Size: Android 3.6 MB, iOS 3.2 MB
Rank: 3.5 Stars
Download: Android - ,iOS -

DinnerTime, an app developed by ZeroDesktop Inc. brings families
closer by letting parents take non-intrusive control of their kid’s mobile device, giving them a chance to shut off their kid’s device functionality for a stipulated period of time. The idea of the app is to prevent too much intrusion of technology in kids’ lives. It refreshes family ties, brings back the fast disappearing idea of spending quality family time, and encourages kids to get involved in physical activities and outdoor games. In other words, DinnerTime brings kids back from the virtual world to the real world. This app is good quality app and kindly user says this is best android apps any other apps for use also free apps for iPhone.
The way this app works is stunningly simple. To use DinnerTime, a parent must download-the-app to equally their phone and their child’s gadget. From the child’s device, a parent is required to send an SMS with-the-link to their own phone to connect with the child’s device. Also, it is worth mentioning that the child’s device must be Android for this app to work, whereas parents can use either Android oriPhone. Also, the parent devices have to be a smartphone, as a mobile phone number is necessary to sync-up with the child’s device.
Once both the two devices are linked, the parent gets three remote control options: Dinner Time, Bed Time and Take a Break. The “Dinner Time” option lets parents pause their child’s device functionality for up to 2 hours, for a traditional family time like breakfast and dinner. The option “Bed Time” allows a parent to set a bedtime for their children and a wake-up time, deactivating the device for that period of time. With “Take a Break” option, parents can deactivate their child’s device for up to 24 hours.

When this option activated, the kid will see this message on the device screen: “Take a break: Spend some time doing other things. Come back later.” In the dinner and take a break mode, the device is incapable of making any calls, sending text messages and other such functions. The only function allowed is to receive calls. In the bed time feature, the app blocks all other functions except the alarm feature of the device. The app also allows a parent to sync dinner-time controls with another parent by linking the app to their phone number.
Hold on, “if you’re thinking that can’t the kid just uninstall DinnerTime app from their device?,” well, you’d be wrong. Just enable “Android Device Admin mode” in the settings on your child’s device while installing the app, which means the app can only be disabled from within the main ‘DinnerTime’ app, which is active on the parent’s phone.

As of now, you can link two parents to each child’s device, and two kids to each parent’s device. Basically, a family of four is covered. Interestingly, the DinnerTime Plus” app is also there for Android devices, which gives parents even more granular control and the ability to link up to 5 kids’ devices through one time in-app purchases.

To sum up, this is an app that prevents the children from being distracted from their homework, exam preparations, physical activities and quality family time. It is the perfect app to allow just the right amount of technology in a child’s life. And hence, it’s a must have app for every parent.