Thursday, 11 September 2014

Android Apps – Screen time parental control app

Mini Requirements: Android 4.0
Rank: 3.6 Stars
Size: 1.9 MB
The means this app works is fairly simple. To get started with parents can download the app on their kid's device, and can explore it further just by creating a parent account. The app's features comprise daily
time restrictions on selected apps usage, bedtime curfew on all apps except reading apps, lights out curfew on all Android apps, school time curfew on selected free android apps and more. For example, a parent can enter details such as school start and end time to block the usage of social and free games apps during the school hours while allowing the access to educational apps.
The attractive feature of this app is that children can be rewarded with extra usage time on completing a set list of tasks such as "finish your homework", and "tide your room", among others on time. The app allows parents to block certain best apps completely, and also notifies the parents whenever their kids install a new app on their devices. And the best part is that, kids can't uninstall the Screen Time app from their device without knowing the password of a parent account.
The app also offers 14 days free trial of the Remote Control service. This service allows parents to remotely control and monitor their kid's device Screen Time from anywhere, simply by using parent account credentials at Parents can extend this facility through in-app purchases, if required.

To sum up, this app is the easiest way for the parents to control and monitor their kids' devices remotely from anywhere and anytime.
When you provide your child-a-smartphone, you introduce them to the whole new wide world of information, people and possibilities. It allows children to access an infinite amount of knowledge and fun. But it also has a flip side. The possibilities are never-ending, other than so are the risks to your children when they submerge themselves. Today, kids easily manage to use a smartphone in ways you didn't know were possible. Glued to their tablets and smartphones, children often ignore the concept of quality family time. It ruins interpersonal relationships at times, driving a wedge between people. Well, not anymore!
Screen Time is a parental control mobile application that permits parents to watch and manage the time spent by their kids on their tablets and phones. With this app, parents can set daily time limits on the usage of particular apps during the day to maintain the right amount of balance between the technology and other physical activities in their child's life.