Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Android Apps and iOS App: Location Sharing app 'Jink Beta'
Min requirement: Android 4.0, iOS 7
Size: 8.1MB
There are a number of causes why you might wish for to share your location — perhaps you need to find someone at a crowded outdoor event, or maybe a relative is visiting you for the weekend and you
want to check where they've got to. 

This is precisely What Jink Beta do. Select the friend who you want to share your location with, and if they don't have the app installed, Jink sends them a text message With a link to download it. Once your invitation has been accepted, you can see each Other's location on a map in real time.

The app includes a number of handy messages such as 'five minutes away!' and 'I'm running late', so that you can keep each other informed of any developments at the touch of a button. Jink Will only share your location with the people who invite you do to so, and sessions end automatically once you've met up, or within 12 hours, to protect your privacy. The Android phones app is still in beta, but we found it very easy to use and its benefits were highlighted when one person we Send a were using with could not operate their phone because they were driving, but their progress could still be tracked.