Saturday, 13 September 2014

Android Apps and iPhone Apps - Traffic Racer, free gaming app

Mini Requirements: Android 2.3.3, iOS 4.3
Size: For Android 46. MB, For iOS 62.8 MB
Rank: 4.4 Stars

There’s a certain thrill attached to the idea of racing in traffic.

Busier the roads, more the fun. In real life, it’s a rather stupid idea
simply because it’s way too risky. But in the virtual world, it can be the base for the tremendously engaging game. And that’s exactly what ‘Soner Kara’ has achieved with “Traffic Racer” one of the free game apps for Android phones iPhone and windows phones.

It’s a game that'll keep you on the edge, keep you hooked, and let you compete against the world at large! Awesome, isn’t it? This is a game-where-you have to do one very simple thing — race. You have to let the adrenaline flow, and that too, through four different gaming environments — suburb, desert, snowy and city night; and four mind-boggling modes —endless-one way, endless-two-way, time trial and free ride.

Your aim is to get to the extent that you can without crashing in the Endless mode (along a one-way or two-way street) where the fun and the rush just doesn’t end! Time trial keeps you on the clock while free ride is, well, a free ride to learn.

The graphics are absolutely stunning and realistic. So are the controls. And not just that, if there’s any car that makes you go a little crazier than others, please go ahead and choose it from the 21 cars on offer. Not just that, you can also customize your car with basic paint and alloy wheels to give it a personal touch. In adding together that, you can as well upgrade speed, handling and braking controls. All you require is a small extra cash (or app currency) for the up gradation. The cash can also be earned by watching videos, liking it on Facebook and following the game on Twitter.

The game works on the motion gaming principle, meaning you immediately have to tilt your gadget left and right to make the car do your bidding. To speed up, you have an accelerator pedal and to slow down you have to slam-on the brakes. Simple, yet effective!

As you play and vie with other players to stay on the real-time leader board, it might help you to know that the faster you go and the closer you overtake the vehicles from, the more points you earn. And be careful, you don’t just have cars; you also have trucks, buses, SUVs and a horde of other vehicles hurtling towards you.