Tuesday, 9 September 2014

3 best new apps are Hanx Writer, Touch Van Gogh, Afterlight

Hanx Writer
Mini Requirements: iOS 7.0, iPad only
Size: 22.3 MB

New to free apps for iPad, Hanx Writer, co-developed by actor Tom Hanks, recreates the
feel of using a typewriter on your iPad. The tab moves as you type and even makes the 'Ching' noise when it reaches the end of a line. You can lighten or darken the font, print your text-and-email it since a PDF.

Touch Van Gogh
Mini Requirements: Android 4.1, iOS 6.0, iPad only
Size: iOS-136 MB
Size: Android-12 MB

Reveal hidden details within three of Vincent van Gogh's most iconic paintings simply by tapping the different areas. Use the sliders to see how each painting has altered more than time and how it compares to the actual object. You can as well read regarding the artist, his letters, sketches and techniques.


Price – Android 59p and iOS – 69p
Mini Requirements: Android 4.0.3, iOS 5.0, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad only
Size: iOS - 48.6 MB
Size: Android - 35 MB

New to Best Android Apps, After light is a great app that lets you add filters to your images with one tap. You can also harvest and revolve your image, add various borders, and adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness. Finally, select a custom image size and save or email it.