Thursday, 4 September 2014

Android Apps and iOS App: Mamabear family safety app

Min requirement: Android & iOS
Size: 12.57MB
Rank: 3.5-Star
Price: Free 
Mambear mobile application is all about worry-free parenting that combines social media and GPS monitoring into one single app. Using the GPS element on kids' smartphones and their Facebook
logins, this app can notify parents when their kids leave or arrive at a specific "safe places," like school or tuitions; when they visit a "restricted place," like an unsafe playground; when they use bad language or restricted words on Facebook or Instagram, when they get tagged in photos, when they make new friends or connect with restricted friends; and even when they drive over the preset speed limit.

Mamabear is trouble-free to download, but requires a little key steps in arrange to get started. To use this app, a parent must download the app to both their mobile phone and their kid's phone. After downloading the app, the first step for a parent is to create a parent account on his/her phone. Once the account is successfully created, parents can create a profile of their child by feeding in order such since a name, mobile number, and date-of-birth. Beginning there, parents can put up safe-and-restricted places, as well as social media and driving alerts.

Once the child profile is created, the next step for the parents is to activate the app on their kid's device using the password of a parent account. For the kid, the app is more like a game controller with four colourful icons that he/she can tap to send warning. From there, kids can send "Come Get Me" or "Emergency" notification to their parents. There are also a handful of lively emoticons that kids can use to let their parents know how they are feeling while check-in to the specific places.

Intended for the parent, the app purposes like stream of in order providing a kid's current location on the Map, and a few simple buttons to adjust settings, and social media alerts. To sum up, this app is especially good for younger kids who are the first time smartphone users and new to social media. As well, it is value mentioning that if the kid deletes the app from their phone or switch off the phone, then parents will not be able to receive their kid's location and driving alerts. However, social media alerts will work regardless of the app being on their kid's phone. Overall, Mamabear gives some independence to kids while allowing parents to track their current location and social activities to prevent cyberbullymg.