Friday, 12 September 2014

Android Apps and iPhone Apps - Blocky Roads, free game app

Free: Android and Apple
Mini Requirements: Android 2.3, iOS 5.1
Size: Android - 48 MB, iOS – 46 MB
Rank: 4.3 Stars
Jump keen on your car and find out green hills, snow-
white mountains and desert hills in this unique blocky adventure! Blocky Roads Winterland is an incredibly fun car racing game anywhere you have in the direction of race your vehicle along bumpy, blocky roads and tricky jumps to get from side to side the level with no running out of fuel or getting crashed.
When you first start on the game, it will welcome you with a mission to get your missing animals back to the farm before they get freeze outside. When you play your first level in Blocky Roads, you almost certainly won't finish it. You'll find yourself unable to climb a steep hill, you'll flip over on a particularly bumpy patch, or you'll simply run out of fuel. For this, you need to upgrade your car to get through the levels.
On the way you collect coins, fuel speed boosts and treasure chests, all these would help you overcome obstacles. Every time you get a little farther, it feels like a victory. Treasure chests in the game contain goodies such as free coins, new car, trees, fence, flowers and animals, among others. With all these, you can now restore your farm to its former glory, making it more lively and beautiful. You can as well see the growth of your farm at the bottom of the screen.
The free-version of the game-comes with 3 tracks and cars, and as you progress and also related free game apps, you can unlock these items with the help of coins. You can upgrade your car engine, drive, suspension and chassis to make it more powerful, so you can climb hills more easily, jump wider, decreasing the chances of your car to flip. And most excellent of all, you can also put up your dream car block by block in the game, recollecting the memories of childhood game building blocks. In addition to that, you can dress-up your character as well.
The bottom line with this game is one of the best android apps that it's fun and simply addictive, and will make you fall in love with its bright and beautiful graphics. So it is time to obtain keen on the car race on blocky roads. Have fun!