Sunday, 21 September 2014

Android Apps and iPhone Apps - Uber Appy Traveling app

Mini Requirements: Android Varies with Device, iOS- 6.0, Windows 8 and 8.1  
Size: Android Varies with Device, iOS- 21.9 MB, Windows 7 MB
Rank: 4.2 Stars

Uber is an upscale, modern and deluxe on-demand cab service that
allows you to request private drivers via its mobile application.

The cab service is available in more than 42 countries and in 150 cities including New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai, among others. The app doesn’t allow you to make advance reservations as it is an on-demand-service so you can call a car when you want-to-travel right away, people like these best android apps.

Uber works like this: download the app on your mobile phones, create your account and input your credit card details to complete the registration process. Once your account is successfully registered, you can use the Uber service. The app uses your mobile-phones-GPS to decide your pick-up location, or you can move the pin on a Map to request a pick-up at a specific location. On requesting a ride, it will automatically connect you with the nearest available driver. Once you confirm your driver, you’ll get an estimation of his arrival time. Plus, your chauffeur’s name, contact no. and car details will appear on the app’s main screen so you can contact him, if required. You’ll also get a text message when your Uber ride is about to arrive. You have iPhone, this is best iPhone apps and also windows phone apps.

The app also allows you to compare fare quotes for different vehicles before confirming your ride. Uber offers you five types of vehicle services from UberX to LUX depending on the city you are in. The UberX is the low cost cab service that offers cars like Toyota Etios or Nissan Sunny whereas premium service LUX offers Mercedes and BMW cars, to name a few.

It should be well-known that you necessitate a valid credit card to utilize the Uber service as there is no option to pay via cash. Formerly you’ve arrived at your place, your card will be automatically charged, and you’ll also get an email receipt of it. Uber also offers the Split Fare feature, which allows you to split the fare among your friends who are sharing the ride with you. If in case you want to cancel your hooking, then make sure to cancel it within a minute or so otherwise cancellation fees will automatically get deducted from your credit card.

To sum up, Uber is a quick, fast and reliable cab service to ride in style! App users also download for iPhone and Windows Phone.