Saturday, 6 September 2014

Android Apps: Tools, Commandr for Google Now

Min requirements: Android 4.1
Size: 2.1MB

Commandr for Google Now is the Android phone equivalent of the iPhone’s Siri, which lets you control your phone using only your voice. With built-in commands to toggle your Wi-Fl, GPS and
Bluetooth settings, as well as control your device’s music player, this app will prove invaluable if you’re seeking a completely hands-free experience.
Although it’s not an official Google app, Commandr is quick and easy to set up. Because Google Now doesn’t integrate with third-party apps, you must allow Commandr to ‘listen’ to Google Now by changing your accessibility settings, or you can utilize a limited version of the app, which requires you to say ‘Note to self’ before each command. Like Siri, Commandr requires an internet connection to work, but there’s also a handy option to type commands straight into the Google Search box, even when you’re without a signal.

The app’s developers let you vote for and suggest new commands, but If you’re too impatient to wait, you can buy Tasker ( for £2.99 and simply create your own voice commands. If you’d like to use Commandr without having to tap the Google Search bar, you can do so by installing Nova Launcher ( and turning on ‘Ok, Google Hotword’ in its settings.