Monday, 8 September 2014

Android Apps and iOS App - Instantly transfer files with Instashare

Rank: 3.8 Star
Mini Requirements: Android 2.2 up and iOS
Size: 10 MB

Transfer documents, images and more between iOS and Android with the Instashare app

Thanks to Bluetooth we already have a fairly suitable platform for
getting files across from one device to another. It works well and doesn’t cost anything to use, but it’s also noticeably slow at times – especially if you’re looking to move large files around. Thankfully, the Instashare app is available for both iOS gadgets and Android Phone and looks to use the same Bluetooth technology, but makes the transfer process vastly quicker. It can be old intended for all sorts of files, no matter what size they are and how a lot of you require transferring over at once.

1). Select files
Open the Instashare app on your iOS device and select the Files option from the bottom. Select a photo or file you want to transfer and drag the file to the top of the app where you’ll see your Android device listed.

2). Confirm transfer
Now go to your Android device. A menu will come into view asking you to confirm the transfer from the iOS device. It will list the details of the file and the overall size of it. Confirm the transfer, by hitting Allow, once you’re ready.

3). Check status
If you switch back to your iOS device, you’ll now be able to see the transfer status of the file. Depending on-the-size of the unusual file, the process can obtain a small number of minutes for it to fully migrate to your Android device.

4). Where to save?
The file will save once transferred, and by pressing on it, you can open it up. If it’s an image, it’ll open up from within the Photos or Gallery app, but you’ll need to manually choose a save directory for any documents.