Sunday, 14 September 2014

Android Apps and Windows Phone Apps – AE 3D motor free gaming app

Mini Requirements: Android Varies-with-Device, Windows 7.5, iOS 4.3
Size: Android Varies-with-Device, Windows 20-MB, iOS 58.6-MB
Rank: 4.2 Stars

Developed by AE Mobile Inc., this is among the most popular moto racing game that works on three major platforms. And the game is just mind-blowing; this game is one-of-the best Android apps and also free apps for iPhone! The objective is
deceptively simple — ride as-far and as-fast as you can with no falling off the bike. Lean left. Lean right. Dodge. Cruise! You can perform all of this by just tilting your mobile phone a little to the left or right.

The bike moves forward automatically in this vertical scrolling game, but you can tap anywhere on the screen to speed up your bike at insane speeds. And along the way, avoid the various vehicles that might try to bump you off the road. Oh! And watch out for those massive trucks that might turn suddenly with the intention of crushing you.

The graphics are super realistic and so are the sounds of bikes in the game. The motion sensors of the game are well-tuned and every time you fall off the bike, a jolt of vibration goes through the handset, making the feeling seem all the more real. Also, there is a wide choice of hikes and road scenes, each one of which you can unlock on the accomplishment of a particular distance or points.

The advantage in this game, as compared to other similar games is that other vehicles come in various shapes and sizes, adding to the adrenaline rush every time you dodge one.

All said; this is a game you must try if speed drives you crazy. What you can’t do on the roads in real life, you can do with AE 3D Motor! So, go on. Download and Vroom!