Friday, 19 September 2014

Android Apps and iPhone Apps - Zombie Highway a gaming app

Mini Requirements: Android 2.3, iOS 6.1
Size: Android 20 MB, iOS 42 MB
Rank: 4.3 Stars

Guns. Cars. Danger. Zombies. And you, stuck in the middle of all
that! Welcome to the nightmare called Zombie Highway, Wonderful Android apps. A nightmare you’d love to relive over and over. Auxbrain Inc. has created this game, best Android apps that will keep you hooked, right up to the moment you die. And then it will urge you to go at it once again.
The game is surreal and simple and also best iPhone apps. All you have to do, as the ‘Eagles’ band would have said, is, “On a dark desert highway, zombies on my car. Warm smell of survival, rising up through the air,” and this highway stretches beyond the horizon. Way beyond!

Well, you should also know that zombies are not going to be your only problem. You’ll also come across toppled cars, burning embers and other such obstructions, which will force you to put your maneuvering skills to test. This doesn’t mean the zombies will leave you alone when you’re getting through the obstacles.

Driving and avoid obstacles, and if you avoid the sides of the road, jumping on our car, which is to kill zombies. Zombies take over when you've got two options: a barrier by smashing them to knock them off, or with the help of guns to shoot them off. The touch screen controls to weaken the zombies are used to shoot the gun out of your car window. Each zombie has a health bar, and zero whittling that will ensure they will not be sticking around. But you should not be able to topple the zombies in your car to make sure, or else it will be on your game.

On the bright side, you can switch cars and upgrade your guns, but for that you will have to unlock the stages and earn experience. There are 8-levels in the game, and you have to come to an end the one you’re on to move on to the next. There are achievements and awards, the biggest being the actuality that you completed it through the stage alive.

In simple words, the game is as addictive as it is violent and gory. Perfect, isn’t it? And best of all, every stage you complete gives you a sense of survival. The graphics add to the realism of the game, taking an engagement a notch higher. So, download it right now and have fun! Go on, kill some zombies.